Our Activities / Services

Since its establishment, Wotesawa has received 559 cases of abuse and exploitation of Child Domestic Workers were received, among them 10 cases have been worn in the Court of Law and the rest were resolved amicably through Police and Social Welfare Departments. Within this period, a total of 315 victims of abuse and exploitation were re-unified to their families, among them 150 victims were re-enrolled back to primary schools. These were achieved through;

  • Community Awareness Raising through Dialogues and cinema Sessions.
  • Lobbying and Advocacy for amendments of laws, policies, bylaws /social norms affecting domestic workers.
  • Training on Human Rights i.e. child rights, laws, conventions and duties and responsibilities of employers, LGA and Child Domestic workers and sexual reproductive Health Rights to Child Domestic Workers.
  • We provide Legal aid, mediation, screening & adhoc assistance, counselling and psychosocial support for the survivors of abuse and exploitation.
  • Provision of a shelter for temporary stay of survivors of abuse and exploitation including victims of human trafficking.
  • Engaging in media intervention through Television, Radio sessions and social media.
  • Economic empowerment to survivors of abuse and exploitation.


Domestic workers issues/rights being the spirit of the organization (nothing about us without us), we have established and run a temporary shelter for victims and survivors of abuse and exploitation.

  • We have identified about 1000 Domestic workers, their employers and LGAs authorities, challenges.
  • We have managed to establish a good relationship with media houses and media personnel
  • We have managed to create a good relationship with Government i.e. LGA, counselors, MPs, DWS and Support from ministry of livestock and fisheries
  • In 2016/2017 we rescued 70 children from abusive domestic work (30 were under the age of 14 enrolled to school, and 40 were enrolled to vocational training.)
  • We have managed to catalyse the willingness of the republic to prosecute on domestic workers cases and most of them are being decided on merit.
  • We have managed to enhance good relationship with other civil society.
  • The leader of the organization Ms. Angel Benedict was among of the 60 Queen Young Leaders from common wealth countries awarders 2015.