The Voice of Child Domestic Workers


- All are Equal -

Wotesawa, which literally means ‘all are equal’, has evolved into an established and unique forum in which child domestic workers are represented and are able to address their interest and rights as one of the most vulnerable groups to abuse and exploitation in Tanzania. Wotesawa also acts as bridge between child domestic workers, government leadership, employers and law enforcers in advancing the interests of child domestic workers.

So far Wotesawa has been able to mobilize hundreds of girls to come together in order to have a collective voice and to redress challenges they are facing as child domestic workers. Wotesawa has established a unique participatory strategy where CDWs are mobilised and advocate for their own rights at a community level. This is achieved through Advisory Committees of Child Domestic Workers. Moreover, Wotesawa has successfully interacted with government, law enforcers and community based organisations so that child domestic workers rights are now being addressed. In the past child domestic workers were regarded as an inferior group in the society with their rights neglected.

Wotesawa is a youth led non governmental organisation, established in 2011 by current and former child domestic workers in Tanzania. Its office is currently situated in Mwanza, Tanzania.

The organisation is led by Angela Benedicto, a former child domestic worker who refused to remain silent when she was abused and exploited.

- Our Vision -

We envisage a righteous and responsible society in which every child domestic worker is free from all forms of abuse and exploitation

- Our Mission -

We strive to empower current and former child domestic workers to understand, safeguard, promote and reinforce their rights in Tanzania through legal and psychosocial support, economic empowerment and child abuse monitoring; in conformity to the national and international child welfare standards.

- Our Goal -

Our overall goal is to contribute to the reduction of all forms of abuses against child domestic workers in Tanzania.

Report Domestic Worker Abuse

As a society, we have a responsibility to point out the evil among us. Feel free to communicate with us to report domestic worker abuse. Your report is confidential. Click here to communicate via an online form, or P.O Box 10801, Mwanza, Tanzania. Also, you can call us via + 255 (0)767 802 238. And HOTLINE 0800 710 066 FREE.

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