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Testimonial From Aneth Faraja

Aneth Faraja, a 10 years old girl from Lukuba village, Misenyi district, in Kagera region, dropped out of school and was trafficked to Mwanza in 2018 to be engaged in domestic work. She worked in Mwanza for two years without being paid. She decided to escape from her employer’s household due to abuse and exploitation from her employer, including not being enrolled in school. WoteSawa rescued her from underage domestic employment in early 2020 and provided her with temporary shelter at the Organization’s safe house.
Apart from family reunification, Aneth was also enrolled in school at Lukuba Primary school and continues to receive supportive scholastic material from WoteSawa.
“I am happy to be enrolled back to school though I am repeating the class it doesn’t matter. I will study hard so one day I achieve my dream of being a medical doctor. I want to save my community by providing medical services and protecting them from diseases.” Aneth Faraja says.