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International Domestic Workers Day – 2021.

Domestic workers play a significant role not only in our families but also in the country’s economy as a whole. Their roles spins from taking care of house chores to being care givers, educators, mentors, organizers and protectors of our homes. We hear testimonies of children, who have grown to become leaders in communities, giving credits to domestic workers – that they played a big role to what they have become.

In our homes, domestic workers are the first ones to wake up and the last ones to go to bed – working hard to make sure that everything is in order and that familys expectations are met. Regardless of all that domestic workers do and contribute not only to our families but also the countrys economy, their work is less recognized and their rights violated most of the time.

The Executive Director, WoteSawa Domestic Workers Organization, Mrs. Angela Benedicto calls to the government of Tanzania to implement the ILO Convention No. 189 which requires all member states to provide decent work for domestic workers ensuring a safe and healthy working environment. Further, Mrs. Angela Benedicto said that its our responsibility as a community, households or individuals to love and care for domestic workers – making sure that their rights are observed and respected but also receive the due recognition just like any other white color jobs.

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