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2020 WoteSawa Staff and Board Members Retreat.

The year 2020 came with a number of challenges which in one way or the other changed or even forced to adopt a new strategy in order to reach the 2020 organizations goals. It should be remembered that corona virus was one of the most devastating pandemic which affected every walk of human life – economic, social and political. WoteSawa had to quickly mobilize resources and implement new strategies to mitigate the impacts of COVID 19 pandemic, especially to domestic workers and young girls at risk of being recruited in domestic work, who were at high risk of being infected with corona virus. Grit, adoptability and resilience became WoteSawas core values that enabled them to successfully continue advancing its mission, “to empower current and former Child Domestic Workers to understand, safeguard, promote and reinforce their rights…” through out the year.

On closing the year, WoteSawa, saw it necessary to come together as a team to reflect on what went well, challenges encountered and how they overcame or failed, identify gaps, empowerment, the way forward and regroup for the year, 2021.

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